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Annabel ♥
31 July 2008 @ 07:19 pm
Lets Be Budzz?

Annabel ♥
01 July 2008 @ 04:27 pm
Photobucket Those loves of mine, that I love ;) Photobucket

The Twilight series; obvs. I dont have a favourite. Just not new moon ;)
The Inheritance cycle; Who doesnt love Dragons and magic?
The mortal Intruments; BECAUSE JACE IS AWSOMES ;)
Harry potter; Because there is always room for those books on my shelf.
Cathy's Book/Key; Because cathy is arty. =]
Pretty things; Dramaa
Angel blood; Amazing story.. so sad though.
The book of dead days; I found this mega book in a charity shop. ftwww.
Jane eyre; cause I can.

Chuck; omg omg lol =]
Pushing daisies; awwsh =]
btvs; Classssic
Friends; Classssic #2
True blood; sassy
Doctor who; omg wow
Bones; Love it ;)
Miami ink; I just like to watch it, okay?
Gilmore girls; Yaaaaaaaay :D

Resident Evils; Good stuff
Harrypotters; more good stuff
just cool ;)
Simpsons movie; ha lol
The fifth element; my all time favourite film EVER